Moved and transplanted!

Apr 11, 2023

Since my last post I moved from Paris to Rome! Needless to say, the fig tree is happy about the new environment. It started going to sleep for the winter around the time of the move, and about a month ago began to wake up. I promptly gave it a new, larger pot, which is pictured below.

Doriano lounging in the new pot.

It’s been growing quickly on our sunny balcony, and already put out two early figs! Here’s a picture from a couple days ago.

Doriano upright in the new pot.

And here’s a picture where you can see the whole tree.

The tree in early spring.

In our apartment in Paris the tree wanted to grow horizontally to reach its meager light from the window. Here, it is going more directly up. I think it’ll be taller than me soon!