Tree diaries

Apr 5, 2021

This is the first post in Tree diaries, in which I update you all on the state of my own fig cultivation. Today I’ll be reporting on the state of my tree here in Paris, pictured below.

My fig tree today.

I bought this plant at a local garden store last Saturday the 27th. At the time, he was only a long stick poking out of a disposable planter, which was fortunate because I had to pack him into a saddle bag and bike him home.

Planting the root ball was easy, especially since we already had a pot full of well-draining soil prepared (leftover from a kumquat tree that didn’t survive a midwinter repotting). For the first few days he pushed quite a bit out water out of the cut at his top, but in the last few days it has started to heal up and no water has come out.

As you can see, eight days in and he is mostly still a stick, though he had a recent burst of growth about a nub in his middle. Here’s a detail of that growth:

My fig tree today.

In the last couple days several other bright green nubs have formed at other old leaf sites, so I think we are in store for a handful of branches (or at least new leaves) in the coming weeks!